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Discover accredited engineering programs at universities across the globe.

Over 3700 Universities in 91 Countries

TryEngineering allows you to search for accredited engineering degree programs throughout the world. Search by country, state/ territory, city, degree field, or university name. If you don’t know where to start, Insights from Experts will help you along.






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Search results found 3721 Universities
Enugu, Nigeria

Accredited Degrees

Agricultural Engineering (Masters)
Agricultural Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering (Masters)
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical/ Electronics Engineering (Masters)
Electrical/ Electronics Engineering
Mechanical/Production Engineering
Metallurgical/Material Engineering (Masters)
Metallurgical/Material Engineering
Search results found 3721 Universities
Budapest, Hungary

Accredited Degrees

Computer Science (master)
Computer Science
Computer Science for Autonomous Systems (master)
Mechanical Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Information Technology
Search results found 3721 Universities
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Accredited Degrees

Nanobiology (Masters)
Search results found 3721 Universities

Accredited Degrees

Applied Computer Science
Search results found 3721 Universities
Kayseri, Turkey

Accredited Degrees

Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Food Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Textile Engineering
Search results found 3721 Universities
Williamsville, New York, United States

Accredited Degrees

Civil Engineering Technology, AAS
Construction Management Engineering Technology, AAS
Electrical Engineering Technology, AAS
Mechanical Engineering Technology, AAS
Search results found 3721 Universities

Accredited Degrees

Automation Technology / Information Technology International B.Eng.
Biotechnology B.Eng
Communication and Media Technology B.Eng.
E-commerce B.Sc.
Electrical Engineering / Automation Technology B.Eng.
Engineering B.Eng.
Engineering M.Eng.
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering (Industrial) B.Sc.
Industrial Engineering (Information Technology) B.Sc.
Industrial Engineering - StudiumPlus B.Sc.
Industrial Engineering M.Sc.
Laser and Optical Technologies B.Eng.
Laser and Optical Technologies M.Eng.
Manufacturing Technology & Production Management M.Eng.
Materials Engineering / Materials Engineering M.Eng.
Materials Engineering B.Eng.
Mechatronics B.Eng.
Mechatronics M.Eng.
Miniaturized Biotechnology M.Sc.
Patent Engineering M.Eng.
Photovoltaic and semiconductor technology B.Eng.
Physical Engineering B.Sc.
Precision Engineering B.Eng.
Process-integrated environmental protection B.Eng.
Scientific Instrumentation M.Sc.
Space Electronics M.Eng.
System Design M.Eng.
Technical Computer Science B.Eng.
Search results found 3721 Universities
Greifswald, Germany

Accredited Degrees

Mathematik mit Informatik
Search results found 3721 Universities

Accredited Degrees

Engenharia Civil
Engenharia Mecânica
Search results found 3721 Universities
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Accredited Degrees

Engenharia Civil