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Discover accredited engineering programs at universities across the globe.

Over 3700 Universities in 91 Countries

TryEngineering allows you to search for accredited engineering degree programs throughout the world. Search by country, state/ territory, city, degree field, or university name. If you don’t know where to start, Insights from Experts will help you along.






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Search results found 3721 Universities
Budapest, Hungary

Accredited Degrees

Business Information Technology (master)
Business Information Technology
Food Engineering
Information Technology
Search results found 3721 Universities
Randolph, New Jersey, United States

Accredited Degrees

Electronic(s) Engineering Technology, AAS
Mechanical Engineering Technology, AAS
Search results found 3721 Universities

Accredited Degrees

Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical/ Electronic Engineering
Information/Communication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Search results found 3721 Universities
Coventry, United Kingdom

Accredited Degrees

Aerospace Engineering (master)
Aerospace Systems Engineering
Aerospace Technology
Automotive Engineering (Masters)
Automotive Engineering
Building Services Engineering
Civil Engineering (Masters)
Civil Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering (Masters)
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering (Masters)
Civil and Structural Engineering
Computer Hardware and Software Engineering
Computer Science (Masters)
Computer Science
Computing (Masters)
Control Engineering (Masters)
Control, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (master)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Masters)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems (Masters)
Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity
Forensic Computing (Masters)
Games Technology
Information Technology (master)
Information Technology for Business
Manufacturing Engineering (master)
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (Masters)
Mechanical Engineering
Motorsport Engineering (master)
Motorsport Engineering
Multimedia Computing
Network Computing (Masters)
Production Engineering and Operations Management (master)
Software Development (Masters)
Structural Engineering (master)
Structural Engineering with Architecture
Systems and Control (master)
Search results found 3721 Universities
Kraków, Poland

Accredited Degrees

Architectural Engineering (Master)
Architectural Engineering
Automotive/Transportation Engineering
Civil Engineering (Master)
Civil Engineering
Transportation Engineering (Master)
Search results found 3721 Universities
Cranfield, United Kingdom

Accredited Degrees

Advanced Chemical Engineering (master)
Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact (Masters)
Advanced Materials (Masters)
Advanced Mechanical Engineering (Masters)
Advanced Motorsport Engineering
Advanced Process Engineering (master)
Aerospace Dynamics with options in Aerodynamics & Flight Dynamics (master)
Aerospace Manufacturing (master)
Aerospace Materials (master)
Aerospace Vehicle Design (Aircraft Design, Avionic Systems Design and Structural Design Options) (master)
Aircraft Engineering (Engineering and Manufacturing streams) (master)
Airworthiness (Masters)
Applied Nanotechnology (Masters)
Astronautics and Space Engineering with SpaceMaster variant (master)
Automotive Engineering (Masters)
Automotive Mechatronics (master)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (master)
Design of Rotating Machines (master)
Energy Systems and Thermal Processes (Masters)
Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems (Masters)
Flow Assurance for Oil & Gas Production (Masters)
Global Product Development & Management
Knowledge Management for Innovation (Masters)
Management and Information Systems (Masters)
Manufacturing Consultancy (master)
Manufacturing Technology and Management (master)
Offshore Engineering - Management route (master)
Offshore and Ocean Technology (master)
Operations Excellence (master)
Renewable Energy Engineering (master)
Sustainable Manufacturing (master)
Thermal Power (Aerospace Propulsion Option) (master)
Thermal Power (Gas Turbine Technology Option) (master)
Thermal Power (Power Propulsion and the Environment) (master)
Through-life System Sustainment (master)
Ultra Precision Technologies (master)
Welding Engineering (master)
Search results found 3721 Universities
Shrivenham, United Kingdom

Accredited Degrees

Explosives Ordnance Engineering (Master)
Guided Weapons Systems (Master)
Gun Systems Design (Master)
Military Aerospace and Airworthiness (Master)
Military Vehicle Technology (Master)
Systems Engineering for Defense Capability (Master)
Search results found 3721 Universities

Accredited Degrees

Gun Systems Design (Master)
Military Vehicle Technology (Master)
Vehicle and Weapon Engineering (Master)
Search results found 3721 Universities
Calabar, Nigeria

Accredited Degrees

Civil Engineering
Electrical / Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Wood Products Engineering
Search results found 3721 Universities
Limassol, Cyprus

Accredited Degrees

Computer Systems and Networking