For generations, people have used games as a way to fill up time and have some fun. Games have evolved over the years, but the joy to be experienced from a game remains strong. Board games, card games, and even video games can all add an element of fun, friendly competition, and even potential teamwork to our daily routines. Keep reading to learn more about games and how they can help inspire kids in engineering. 

This 20th of December, why not celebrate Games Day? You can learn more about Games Day and its history here.

According to Days of the Year, Games Day is a gaming convention that takes place every year, with Games Workshop (now WarHammer) sponsoring the event. It has been running since 1975. Although the convention itself takes place in Birmingham, UK, anyone can get involved no matter where they live. No matter our culture or where we live, Games Day is a day that can bring us all together. If you are gathering for the holidays this season, why not find a game to share with family and friends?

Games and STEM

A great way to explore the world of engineering is to experience it through play. Games are a wonderful opportunity for kids to engage in hands-on activities that can relate to STEM. Additionally, with the explosion of video and digital gaming, this can be an excellent route to inspire students with an interest in engineering fields, such as computer science, that help create and develop the technologies needed for digital gaming. 

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