The My Sky Tonight team has created a set of fun, science-rich astronomy activities for pre-K children, as well as supporting resources for educators on how to effectively work with young children and engage them in science practices.

Through the use of activities, games, crafts, picture books, and videos My Sky Tonight can teach students in a fun and creative way that makes learning enjoyable for them. This includes activities like…

Bear’s Shadow

Children listen to the story Moonbear’s Shadow and then recreate scenes from the picture book, using a bear figure and a flashlight (to represent the Sun.) Children explore how the position of the light affects the size, shape, and position of the shadow.


Children match pictures of the Moon on cards with matching pictures on a banner that shows the Moon phase cycle. They notice patterns, talk about their observations, ask questions, and share past experiences of looking at the Moon.


Children work together in a group to create an Earth landscape, compare different environments on Earth, and talk about what makes Earth special (e.g., it’s a good place for life!) Then they prepare for an imaginary trip to Mars, make observations to learn about the planet, and create their own models of the Martian landscape. As a group, they compare Earth and Mars, talking about how they are similar and different.