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Адпраўляючы гэтую форму, вы даяце IEEE дазвол звязацца з вамі і адправіць вам паведамленні па бясплатным і платным адукацыйным змесце IEEE па электроннай пошце.

Volunteer STEM Resources


Валанцёрскія рэсурсы

Resources to help volunteers

Need help in enhancing your STEM program? Or maybe you are new to STEM outreach and you want to learn how to develop and implement a program? Answers to these and other questions, including how to maximize your use of the portal, can be found on this resource page. Whether it’s outreach strategies, additional tools, or the latest in STEM research, you can find it here. Check out all of the resource categories and come back frequently, as we will be continually adding new resources to help you create engaging and effective STEM learning experiences.

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