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What is an engineer?

Dreamer. Innovator. Researcher. Problem Solver. Inventor. Creator. All are terms that aptly describe the characteristics of an engineer. As an engineer you might develop the next generation of the iPad, or a medical device that will help doctors treat an illness, or a spacecraft that will carry humans to Mars, or a system that can bring clean water to an underdeveloped region, or a new power source that is sustainable and provides clean energy, or a device that can detect toxic agents and chemicals, or a new building that is earthquake safe. Using basic foundations in mathematics and science, engineers apply their technical knowledge to conceive, design and implement new processes, products and systems that make our everyday lives possible. Engineers are those at the cutting edge of technology who through innovation, creativity and change provide for our safety, health, security, comfort and recreation. Being an engineer is challenging and rewarding. Being an engineer is coming up with solutions to problems that no one else knows the answer. Being an engineer is being part of a profession that makes life better for humanity. Being an engineer is finding the answers to the challenges that confront society. Being an engineer is about making a difference and if that sounds exciting it might be the right career choice for you. To learn more, explore the following TryEngineering resources: