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Welcome to TryEngineering

TryEngineering empowers educators to foster the next generation of technology innovators. We provide educators and students with resources, lesson plans, and activities that engage and inspire.

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Find our latest STEM education news, resource, lesson plans, games, and more.

On 23 June we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, and the amazing work being done by women engineers around the world! International Women in...
Do you want to help inspire others to get involved in STEM outreach? Or are you already conducting IEEE STEM outreach events for pre-university students/educators...
In an effort to bridge the existing gender gap and promote gender diversity, IEEE Women-in-Engineering (WIE), supported by the IEEE Japan Council and the IEEE...
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STEM Community Resources

STEM educational materials may include videos, tutorials, lessons, activities, articles, and slides from our community of teachers, volunteers, and parents.

The objective of the camp was to provide young people with skill sets using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), to improve academic performance...
The resource web page URL provides links to 7 pdf documents that step by step guide the teacher and students to hands-on make the outlined runlinc Easy Coding projects.
Not an Egg Drop Challenge is an interdisciplinary project between Physics and Environmental Sustainability (ES). This activity allowed students to combine their knowledge of water footprint, carbon emission, UN Sustainable...
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STEM Events

Find STEM events submitted by our STEM Community

La rama IEEE de la Universidad de La Salle visitará el Colegio Militar Caldas (Tenjo, Cundinamarca) para brindarles una charla a los estudiantes de ultimo...
IEEE Northern Canada Section aims to promote STEM education and develops communities. Moreover, IEEE NCS always looks to offer IEEE members more. This 2-day hands-on...
In this outreach, we would be going to a public school where we will talk to the girls about stem, career prospects in stem, how...
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