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Bayero University, Kano

Kano, Nigeria

Accredited Degree Areas:

Agricultural Engineering [51]
Agricultural Engineering (Post Graduate) [51]
Civil Engineering [51]
Electrical/Electronics Engineering [51]
Mechanical Engineering [51]
Civil Engineering (Post Graduate) [51]
Electrical Engineering (Post Graduate) [51]
Mechanical Engineering (Post Graduate) [51]

Computer Engineering [51]

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Baylor University

Waco, TX, United States

Accredited Degree Areas:

Engineering (BSE) [33]
Mechanical Engineering (BSME) [33]

Computer Science (BSCS) [33]
Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSECE) [33]

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In-state: $40,198
Out of State: $40,198 Room & Board: $11,360

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Beijing, China

Accredited Degree Areas:

Communication Engineering [37]
Electronic and Information Engineering [37]
Telecommunications Engineering with Management [32-IET]

E-Commerce Engineering with Law [32-IET]

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Bells University of Technology, Otta

Otta, Nigeria

Accredited Degree Areas:

B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering [51]
B.Tech Bio Medical Engineering [51]
B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering [51]
B. Tech. Electrical/ Electronic Engineering [51]
B.Tech Telecommunication Engineering [51]

B. Tech. Computer Engineering [51]

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Ben Gurion University

Beersheba, Israel

Accredited Degree Areas:

Biomedical Engineering [13]
Biotechnology Engineering [13]
Chemical Engineering [13]
Communication Systems Engineering [13]
Electro-Optical Engineering [13]
Energy Engineering [13]
Environmental Engineering [13]
Industrial Engineering [13]
Management and Safety Engineering [13]
Materials Engineering [13]
Mechanical Engineering [13]
Mechatronics Engineering [13]
Nuclear Engineering [13]
Structural Engineering [13]

Electrical and Computer Engineering [13]
Information System Engineering [13]
Software Engineering [13]

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Bethune-Cookman University

Daytona Beach, FL, United States

Accredited Degree Areas:

Computer Engineering, B.S. [33]

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Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Accredited Degree Areas:

Building and Energy Management M.Eng. [45]
Building and Energy Technology B.Eng. [45]
Civil Engineering B.Eng. [45]
Electrical Engineering B.Eng. [45]
Electronic Systems B.Eng. [45]
Energy and Automation Systems M.Eng. [45]
Engineering B.Eng. [45]
Environmental Engineering - Construction B.Eng. [45]
Event Production and Management B.Eng. [45]
Event Production and Management M.Eng. [45]
Industrial Engineering Online, Bachelor [47]
Industrial Engineering M.Eng. [45] [47]
Industrial Engineering M.Sc. [45]
Industrial Engineering/Construction B.Eng. [45]
Industrial Engineering/Construction Engineering and Management M.Sc. [45]
Industrial Engineer / in - Energy and Environmental Resources M.Sc. [45]
Industrial Engineer / in - Environment and Sustainability B.Eng. [45]
Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering B.Eng. [45]
Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. [45]
Mechanical Design Technology B.Eng. [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Design Engineering M.Eng. [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Design Engineering and Renewable Energy M.Eng. [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Production Systems M.Eng. [45]
Mechanical Engineering - Renewable Energy M.Eng. [45]
Mechanical Engineering Renewable Energies B.Eng. [45]
Mechanical Production Technology B.Eng. [45]
Mechatronics M.Eng. [45]
Mechatronics B.Eng. [45]
Packaging Technology B.Eng. [45]
Packaging Technology M.Eng. [45]
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) [46]
Physical Engineering / Medical Technology (Bachelor of Engineering) [46]
Process and Environmental B.Eng. [45]
Process Engineering M.Eng. [45]
Structural and Civil Engineering M.Eng. [45]
Theater technology B.Eng. [45]
Urban Infrastructure Planning - transport and water M.Eng. [45]
Vermessungswesen und Geomatik [8]

Communication and Information Technology M.Eng. [45]
Mathematics - Computational Engineering M.Sci. [45]
Medical computer science M.Sc. [45]
Media Computer Science (online) [45]
Medieninformatik (Master) [8]
Medieninformatik [8]
Druck- und Medientechnik (Master) [8]
Druck- und Medientechnik [8]
Mathematik - Computational Engineering [46]
Medizinische Informatik [8]
Online Bachelorstudiengang Medieninformatik [8]
Technische Informatik / Embedded Systems (Master) [8]
Technische Informatik / Embedded Systems [8]
Wirtschaftsinformatik (online) [8]

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Bilkent University

Ankara, Turkey

Accredited Degree Areas:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering [33]
Industrial Engineering [33]

Computer Engineering [33]

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Bina Nusantara University

Jakarta, Indonesia

Accredited Degree Areas:

Civil Engineering, BSCE [33]
Industrial Engineering, BSIE [33]

Computer Engineering, B Sc [33]

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Birmingham City University

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Accredited Degree Areas:

Automotive Engineering [IMechE]
Automotive Engineering (Masters) [IMechE]
Electronic Engineering [IET]
Mechanical Engineering [IMechE]
Mechanical Engineering (Masters) [IMechE]
Motorsports Technology [IET]
Music Technology [IET]
Sound Engineering and Production [IET]
Telecommunications and Networks [IET]

Computer Networks [IET]
Computer Networks and Security [IET]
Digital Media Technology [IET]
Film Production and Technology [IET]
Film Technology & Visual Effects [IET]
Forensic Computing [IET]
Information and Communications Technology [IET]

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