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Athlone Institute of Technology

Athlone, WM, Ireland

Accredited Degree Areas:

BEng in Civil Engineering [12][40]
BEng in Electronics and Wireless Communications [12]
BEng in Mechanical Engineering [12]
BEng in Mechanical Engineering & Renewable Energy [12]
BEng in Mechatronics [12]
HC in Engineering in Civil Engineering [12]
MEng in Energy and Communications Infrastructure [12][40]
HC in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering [12]
MEng in Energy and Communications Infrastructure [12]

BEng in Computer Engineering [12]
BSc in Network Management [12]
HC in Engineering in Electronics and Computer Engineering [12]

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Atılım Üniversitesi

Ankara, Turkey

Accredited Degree Areas:

Civil Engineering [30][40]
Electrical and Electronics Engineering [30][40]
Industrial Engineering [30][40]
Mechatronics Engineering [30][40]

Computer Engineering [30][40]
Software Engineering [30][40]

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Auburn University

Auburn, AL, United States

Accredited Degree Areas:

Aerospace Engineering (BAE) [33]
Biosystems Engineering (BBSE) [33]
Chemical Engineering (BChE) [33]
Civil Engineering (BCE) [33]
Electrical Engineering (BEE) [33]
Industrial and Systems Engineering (BISE) [33]
Materials Engineering (BMTL) [33]
Mechanical Engineering (BME) [33]
Polymer & Fiber Engineering (BPFE) [33]
Wireless Engineering (BWE) [33]

Computer Science (BS) [33]
Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering Option(BEE) [33]
Software Engineering (BSWE) [33]

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In-state: $10,200
Out of State: $27,384 Room & Board: $12,178

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland, New Zealand

Accredited Degree Areas:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering [18]
Electrical Engineering Technology [18]
Electronic Engineering Technology [18]
Mechanical Engineering [18]
Marine and Offshore Engineering [18]
Mechanical Engineering Technology [18]
Naval Architecture [18]
Network and Communication Engineering Technology [18]
Ocean Engineering [18]

Computer and Mobile Systems Engineering Technology [18]

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Australian National University

Canberra, Australia

Accredited Degree Areas:

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electronic and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Communications Systems [2]
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechanical and Materials Systems [2]
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechatronic Systems [2]
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Photonic Systems [2]
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Renewable Energy Systems [2]

Computer Science [34]
Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours) [34]
Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours) [34]
Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems major) [34]
Master of Computing (Professional Computing specialisation) [34]
Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development major) [34]
Master of Business Information Systems [34]
Bachelor of Commerce (BIS Major) [34]
Bachelor of Software Engineering [2] [34]

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Aveiro University

Aveiro, Portugal

Accredited Degree Areas:

Integrated Master in Civil Engineering [23][40]
Integrated Master in Chemical Engineering [23][40]
Integrated Master in Electronic Engineering and Telecomunications [23][40]
Integrated Master in Physical Engineering [23][40]
Master in Environmental Engineering [23][40]

Integrated Master in Computer and Telematics Engineering [23][40]

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Bahria University

Islamabad, Pakistan

Accredited Degree Areas:

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering [19]

Bachelor of Computer Engineering [19]
Bachelor of Software Engineering [19]

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Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences, Quetta (Takatoo Campus)

Takatoo, B, Pakistan

Accredited Degree Areas:

Chemical Engineering [19]
Civil Engineering [19]
Electronic Engineering [19]
Telecommunication Engineering [19]

Computer Engineering [19]

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Bangor University

Bangor, United Kingdom

Accredited Degree Areas:

BEng Electronic Engineering [IET]
MEng Electronic Engineering [IET]

BSc Computer Science [BCS]
BEng Computer Systems Engineering [IET]
MEng Computer Systems Engineering [IET]
BSc Creative Technologies [BCS]

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Bar Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Accredited Degree Areas:

Electrical Engineering [13]

Computer Engineering [13]

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