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Locusts inspire mini jumping robot

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Engineers at Tel Aviv University have developed a miniature jumping robot inspired by the characteristics and movement of the locust. The researchers designed the robot, known as TAUB, around the locust's basic biomechanical features as well as its great ability to use stored mechanical energy when jumping. The robot is powered by a small battery and can be controlled remotely using a microcontroller. The researchers employed a 3D printer to create the robot's body out of the same type of plastic used in Lego blocks. The legs of the robot were created using rods, springs, and wire. The robot is approximately five inches long and weighs less than one ounce. It can jump 11 feet in the air and cover a distance of 4.5 feet in a single leap. The researchers envision that the robot will prove useful in surveillance and search and rescue operations.

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