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Experiment with refrigerated rail cars in new IEEE Reach unit!

Old freight train
Thursday, January 25, 2018

A new Inquiry Unit (IU) has been posted on the IEEE REACH website!  Head on over to reach.ieee.org and check out the new IU on Refrigerated Rail Cars.  Remember, all REACH resources are free and you can pick and choose the resources that work best for you.

Many of us would hardly consider the technological advancement of the refrigerated rail car worth mentioning among such achievements as the printing press or the radio. But this single development may be the most important factor in what we eat, how our food is produced, and where we live.

Demonstrate the magnitude of this important technology by implementing the free REACH resources in your classroom. Start with the Teacher Background information, review the Inquiry Unit, and see which excerpts, performance tasks, and primary sources work best for you!  Don’t forget about the hands-on activity, which will help solidify students’ understanding of the fundamental connections between technology and society, and how they touch their lives today.

IEEE REACH provides teachers and students with educational resources that explore the relationship between technology and engineering history and the complex relationships they have with society, politics, economics, and culture. REACH was created by the IEEE History Center, a unit of IEEE whose mission is to preserve, research, and promote the history of information and electrical technologies.

Learn more at: http://reach.ieee.org/hands-on-activities/

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