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coloring concept
Friday, March 18, 2016

Explore these five exciting new lesson plans offered by TryEngineering.org!

Animation with Object Efficiency - This lesson shows how an object made of connected parts can be animated by displaying it as a series of graphic images.

Sorting Socks is Algorithm Complexity - This lesson introduces some simple ideas about algorithms and their complexity through a series of exercises involving a collection of socks. 

Data Representation: Millions of Colors - By first creating, and then playing a card game, students learn how additive color is represented as binary and hexadecimal numbers. 

Vector Graphics Use Functions - This lesson introduces vector graphics and functions through a collaborative design activity. 

Coloring Discrete Structures - This lesson introduces students to areas of mathematics that computer scientists use to do computational problems. Search techniques through discrete structures are illustrated through graph traversal and graph coloring. 

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