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Check out the 2016 Beazley Design of the Year Award Winners!

Monday, January 30, 2017

There were a number of engineering marvels recognized as part of the 2016 Beazley Designs of the Year Awards hosted by the Design Museum in London. The Design of the Year Award went to the Better Shelter by the Ikea Foundation and the UN Refugee Agency. The shelter, which is able to house a family of five, can be built out of only 68 components in as little as four hours. The structure is comprised of recyclable plastic, and includes a solar panel for lighting and electricity needs. Another winner, the Space Cup designed by the NASA Johnson Space Center and the IRPI LLC enables individuals aboard the International Space Station to experience "earthly drinking" by using capillary forces and surface tension. Lumos by Ew-wen Ding and Jeff Haoran Chen is a smart bicycle helmet that integrates lights, brakes, and turn signals. OpenSurgery by the Royal College of Art (London) and the Kyoto Institute of Technology is a DIY surgical robot made from off-the-shelf and 3D-printed components, which can be operated with a video game controller. 

Read more about the 2016 winners at: https://beazleydesignsoftheyear.com and http://designmuseum.org/


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