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Building a Better Breast Pump

Thursday, October 2, 2014

MIT hosted the first ever Hackathon to engineer a better breast pump. The goal of the Hackathon was to create a breast pump that was effective, user-friendly, less painful, and more empowering to use for moms. One hundred and fifty engineers, parents, designers and healthcare professionals gathered at the MIT Media Lab for the event. Participants self-arranged into teams of 5-10 people to develop their designs. First prize was awarded to the Mighty Mom utility belt, a "fashionable, discrete, hands-free wearable pump that automatically logs and analyzes your personal data". The winning team received $3,000 and a trip to pitch their design to investors in Silicon Valley. Although the Hackathon is over, design idea are still being accepted. Submit your ideas here!

Image credit: Che-Wei Wang


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