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This Braille Tablet Could Change the Way Blind People Consume Digital Content

Monday, June 12, 2017

Student engineers at the University of Michigan are in the process of creating a braille tablet with the ability to display both text and graphics. Unlike previous refreshable braille displays, which are limited to displaying text sentence by sentence, this new braille tablet will be able to display webpage text in full page increments. The developers have achieved this through the use of air pressure, which pushes specific bubbles up through holes beneath the screen so that they can be felt by users through the touch screen membrane on the surface of the tablet. Set to be released in two to three years’ time, these tablets will give blind people the ability to read not just webpage text, but also graphs, spreadsheets, and other digital content. With this new technology in their hands, The Holy Braille tablet will give blind people the ability to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time than if they were using current technology.

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