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This “CityTree” Has the Same Environmental Benefits as 275 Trees

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Air pollution is a problem in many cities around the world. While planting trees in urban areas is a well-known way of fighting CO₂ emissions, this is not always a possibility in all cities. Understanding this, four friends worked to find a new strategy to tackle environmental problems in cities. Eventually they created the “CityTree”, a mobile installation that uses moss cultures to filter fine dust, nitrogen oxides, and a large amount of CO₂ emissions out of the air. They pollutants are then contained in the moss leaves. The installation is self-sufficient, requiring very little maintenance. Solar panels provide it electricity, Wi-Fi sensors measure pollution levels in the air, and collected rainwater is cycled through the ground to water it. The “CityTree” is available in two versions: with or without a bench. It also has a display for information or advertising.  

So far, 20 “CityTrees” have been placed in cities around the world. The team hopes that in the future they can introduce them to lower-income countries with higher levels of pollutants. 

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