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Lesson Plans

TryEngineering offers a variety of lesson plans that align with education standards to allow teachers and students to apply engineering principles in the classroom.

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Curriculum Standards

Our lesson plans can be aligned to local education standards around the world.


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Engineer a Cane

Students explore the impact of assistive technology on meeting the needs of society. They work in teams to reengineer an assistive device -- in this case a cane -- to meet the needs of a client.

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Design a Dome

Students learn about domes and work in teams to construct their own using everyday materials.

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Engineer a Dam

Students explore the multiple uses of dams and how they solve problems.

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Sugar Crystal Challenge

Students learn about how surface area can change at the nanoscale. Students work in teams to explore different forms of sugar at different levels of coarseness.

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Temperature Tactics

Students explore the impact of engineers and scientists have developed sensors over the centuries to measure temperature.

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Tinkering with Tops

Students work in teams to design and build their own spinning top out of everyday materials. Their top must be able to spin for at least 10 seconds within an area 30 cm in diameter.

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What is a Nanometer?

Students learn how working at the nanoscale requires scientists and engineers to work at a much smaller scale. Students measure common classroom objects and convert the measurement to nanometers.

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Assembly Line

Students will time themselves as they assemble a product individually that meets quality control criteria.

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Engineering Design

Rubber Band Racers

In "Rubber Band Racers" lesson students explore rubber band car design. Students work in teams of "engineers" to design and build their own rubber band car out of everyday items.

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Playing with Parachutes

Students work in teams to design and build parachutes out of everyday items.

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