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Lesson Plans

TryEngineering offers a variety of lesson plans that align with education standards to allow teachers and students to apply engineering principles in the classroom.

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Curriculum Standards

Our lesson plans can be aligned to local education standards around the world.


Resources for Educators

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Biomimicry in Engineering

Students explore how engineers have incorporated systems, materials, and methods from nature into manmade products, materials, and methods found in all industries.

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8 - 18


Buildings and Structures, Engineering Design

Build a Big Wheel

Students learn how big wheels have been designed throughout history, and then work in teams to design their own pasta wheel.

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Critical Load

Students learn about how to test structures for maximum load by designing prototypes of buildings out of cards.

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Design a Dome

Students learn about domes and work in teams to construct their own using everyday materials.

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Engineer a Dam

Students explore the multiple uses of dams and how they solve problems.

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Move That Lighthouse!

Students learn how structural, economic, and environmental factors must be evaluated before moving a lighthouse.

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Popsicle Bridge

Students learn how bridges are designed to meet load, stress, and aesthetic challenges.

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Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things

This lesson explores the practical, scientific, ethical, and environmental issues that emerge in building ‘smart buildings’ that rely on ‘the internet of things’.  

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Statue Display Tower

Students will work in teams to design a statue display tower that meets set criteria and constraints. Teams will construct a prototype, test and redesign.

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Tall Tower Challenge

Students explore the tallest buildings in the world and how they were designed and constructed.

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