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Complexity -- It's Simple

Lesson Focus 
This lesson allows students to playfully understand algorithms and complexity.

Age Levels:

14 - 18
  • Learn about the growth of sequences
  • Learn about the difference between complexity and runtime
  • Learn fundamental algorithms in computer science
  • Learn how good algorithm design can drastically improve performance
Anticipated Learner Outcomes 

As a result of this activity, students should develop an understanding of:

  • the growth of sequences
  • the importance of algorithm design
  • sorting algorithms
  • teamwork
Lesson Activities 

Students gain an intuitive understanding of complexity and runtime of algorithms through illustrations with small rewards, teamwork activities and design tasks. More advanced students are introduced to the mathematical concepts underlying the topic of complexity.


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Alignment to Curriculum Frameworks

Curriculum alignment sheet is included in PDF.

Alignment to Curriculum Frameworks

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