Develop a robot arm using common materials. Students will explore design, construction, teamwork, and materials selection and use.
Lesson focuses on computer and mechanical engineering and explores how computer mice operate and how engineering provided an interface between man and machine.
Lesson focuses on how software engineers design computer games and other software. Student teams work together to develop a simple computer program using free software that is available in multiple languages.
Lesson focuses on the engineering behind big wheels (sometimes called Ferris wheels). Teams of students explore the engineering behind the "London Eye," explore the history of big wheels, and construct a working wheel model using pasta, glue, and teabags.
Lesson focuses on the engineering and operation of artificial heart valves, and the interface between man and machine.
Develop a working model of a nail clipper.
Lesson focuses on issues civil engineers face, including critical load and how to reinforce the design of a structure to hold more weight.
Lesson focuses on brakes, force, and friction, using bicycle rim brakes to demonstrate basic braking mechanisms to stop, slow, or prevent motion.
Demonstrate the concept of rotational equilibrium.
Lesson focuses on the concept of force and the use of pulleys to reduce required force.


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