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University of Toronto Space Design Contest (UTSDC)      print | email

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Program Website
Target Applicant: Pre-University
Application Deadline: 2008-12-28
Program Fees: Registration Fee is $80 for a 4 day long event held on held on the University of Toronto campus. The fee includes food and accommodation.
Program Description: The University of Toronto Space Design Contest (UTSDC) is an annual contest intended to provide high school students the opportunity to work together to solve a creative and innovative design challenge, while simultaneously promoting the benefits of development in space. Teams of up to five students prepare a solution for that year's design statement, submit a short report, and have the opportunity to present it in the design fair hosted in May.

In participating in this contest, students will get the chance to exercise their creativity and technical knowledge, while developing teamwork, management abilities, and presentation.
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