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Q: I write from India; currently I am in my last year of pre-university schooling. I am very interested in engineering, and especially automobile engineering. I am really interested in designing automobiles. What are the top engineering schools in the world where I could pursue these interests?

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Q: What the kind of courses are you taking?
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Q: Is it usually really hard to find a job once you've completed engineering studies in a college?
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Q: I am an undergraduate student studying toward a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in electrical engineering.

(1) What kind of a pay should I expect from an internship at my second year?
(2) What kind of a pay should I expect to get from a job after I have completed my studies?

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Q: What do you like about environmental engineering?

Like many engineering disciplines, environmental engineering has a variety of jobs available within the field. Environmental engineering directly impacts the environment in a positive way, and environmental engineers typically feel a sense of accomplishment when completing a task, as they can help improve the quality of life while striving to maintain a green earth.

Environmental engineers work in a variety of occupations with varying missions and goals. However, all environmental engineers share the common objective of protecting public health and safety, and ensuring that the nature's eco-systems are not adversely affected as they are employed to benefit humankind.

Environmental engineering assignments can involve, alone or in combination:

  • Research - development of new processes or new applications of existing processes

  • Planning - development of long-range community, regional, or facility plans to serve the public and protect the environment

  • Design - development of construction drawings and specifications

  • Construction - supervising the building of the facilities employed to protect health, safety and the environment

  • Operations/maintenance - ensuring that environment -related facilities properly fulfill their intended functions

  • Regulatory oversight - developing and administering the regulations provided by law to protect human health and safety and the environment

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  • Q: I am sixteen years old. I would like to be an engineer in the telecommunication field. Please let me know about its scope and what it is all about.
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    Q: What is a good strategy for building a strong weight-withstanding card house?

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    Q: I am applying to a university and would like to get a part-time job so that I can work while I am in school? How would I maintain a good GPA while working?
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    Q: I am currently doing a school project in which I am being interviewed as if ten years from now I am an electrical engineering being interviewed for a job. I would like to know what the requirements for obtaining a career as an electrical engineering. I would like to know what steps I need to take for that specific field. What kind of majors, certificates, etc., should I pursue?
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    Q: I was wondering if it is hard to become an engineer? Even if it is hard, is it worth it? I am really getting interested in this field. I am 14 years old and hope to one day work as an engineer.
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