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大学生に聞く: 過去の質問

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Q: I write from India; currently I am in my last year of pre-university schooling. I am very interested in engineering, and especially automobile engineering. I am really interested in designing automobiles. What are the top engineering schools in the world where I could pursue these interests?

Q: What the kind of courses are you taking?
Q: Is it usually really hard to find a job once you've completed engineering studies in a college?
Q: I am an undergraduate student studying toward a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in electrical engineering.

(1) What kind of a pay should I expect from an internship at my second year?
(2) What kind of a pay should I expect to get from a job after I have completed my studies?

Q: What do you like about environmental engineering?
Q: I am sixteen years old. I would like to be an engineer in the telecommunication field. Please let me know about its scope and what it is all about.
Q: What is a good strategy for building a strong weight-withstanding card house?

Designing a strong house of cards illustrates many of the principles used in designing real structures, found in civil and mechanical engineering. Forces acting on a building need to be resisted by internal forces in the structure. To distribute the forces with playing cards, you can build a basic truss by setting a series of triangles across each layer of the house of cards. Triangles are extremely strong and distribute forces well. The joints of the trusses are important to ensure the stability of the structure; you can make stronger joints by bending or tearing the playing cards.

Here are two links that demonstrate techniques and give instructions for building a house of cards.

Worsley School House of Cards Demonstration: explains how the internal forces in the cards resist the external force of gravity.

Wikipedia Demonstration: a simple tutorial for building a card house.

The following link contains an image gallery of amazing structures made with cards.

Bryan Berg: Guinness Book Record holder for the World's Tallest House of Playing Cards.

Good luck and have fun!

Q: I am applying to a university and would like to get a part-time job so that I can work while I am in school? How would I maintain a good GPA while working?
Q: I am currently doing a school project in which I am being interviewed as if ten years from now I am an electrical engineering being interviewed for a job. I would like to know what the requirements for obtaining a career as an electrical engineering. I would like to know what steps I need to take for that specific field. What kind of majors, certificates, etc., should I pursue?
Q: I was wondering if it is hard to become an engineer? Even if it is hard, is it worth it? I am really getting interested in this field. I am 14 years old and hope to one day work as an engineer.
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