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Q: Why did you decide to study engineering, and do you find the coursework allows much hands-on work?
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Q: My friends tell me that it's better to find a roommate who is also studying engineering if I go into engineering — do you find this is true?

Depends on your personality. However, I would say 95% of the time it is probably true. As an engineer we are doing a lot of work all the time. When you are with another engineer, you can typically work together and hang out together.

I don’t believe that it is necessary, but it is not a bad idea at all. It is very helpful to have others that you can study with. Whether that means studying in your room with your roommate or some other spot on campus with other classmates is up to you. There are always places available to study with others.

Studying with other students can often be helpful. For most of my career as a student, I’ve studied on my own. It wasn’t until I came to my university that I realized how useful it can be to talk with other students about the way they understand the material. Helping others learn a particular topic has also been surprisingly helpful in solidifying the concepts for myself. However, I don’t have a roommate nor do I live on campus and prefer it that way. I study with other students in the library.

Having an engineering roommate helps to keep each other working on engineering rather than getting distracted. However, if you aren't the same type of engineering, after sophomore year there are not as many benefits since you will no longer be taking courses together. It is more important to get connected with people within your type of engineering. However, having cross discipline friends is handy for taking on projects that are not as easily tackled by a bunch of people that only know one way of doing things, like senior design can be. It is more important being with someone who operates on a similar schedule so that rest and leisure can be pursued together. Lastly it is nice to have a close relationship that is not based on engineering since it is nice to get away from that sometimes, but living with someone who has half the work load can be very frustrating though.

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Q: How did you choose the school you went to for your degree? I'm having a hard time deciding…help!
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Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you be studying engineering?
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Q: Did you decide which engineering discipline to study during your first year in college? Or later?
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