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Q: Why did you decide to study engineering, and do you find the coursework allows much hands-on work?
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Q: My friends tell me that it's better to find a roommate who is also studying engineering if I go into engineering — do you find this is true?

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Q: How did you choose the school you went to for your degree? I'm having a hard time deciding…help!

When you’re faced with a decision of where to go, look at the opportunities that you’ll have at each school. A strong co-op program (internships during your undergrad years) was one element that I strongly desired, as it provides actual job experience even before graduation. If you have an idea of the specific engineering discipline you’d like to study, look for schools that have strong departments, professors and perhaps research opportunities in that field.

The best advice I’ve been given on finding a school is to do a lot of research. Of course, you’d want to find out the obvious information: is it a good engineering school, do they have a good graduate program, do they offer engineering disciplines I am interested in? However, it’s a really good idea to look at individual professors at different schools, find out what their research is, what kind of papers they are publishing; are they doing work that you find interesting?

First was looking for a school with a good reputation in the degree I was looking to get. I considered the pros/cons of schools I was considering. I sought advice from people who where older than me who know me well (parents, teachers, coaches). I asked my friends their opinions of schools I was looking at.

I decided on a major. Looked at the schools. Made a decision matrix defining what is important and how well each school fared in an ideal situation. Factors I considered were, Do they have my major? How much does it cost after financial aide? Am I guaranteed a spot in my major or am I in danger of not being accepted into my specific program after coming to the university? Do they have an honors program? Do I like the dorms? Do they have sand volleyball courts? Do they inspire me? Is it close to home but not too close?

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Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you be studying engineering?
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Q: Did you decide which engineering discipline to study during your first year in college? Or later?
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