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Q: Why did you decide to study engineering, and do you find the coursework allows much hands-on work?

I was involved in programs during high school that enabled me to see that I really enjoyed what engineering was all about: problem solving, mathematics, physics …. I realized that engineering would not only be something that I would like, but also a field that I would excel in to a greater degree than other majors. For the time I have been taking classes, I have found a fair amount of hands-on work through the labs that are performed. As in all things, however, it is possible to skate by without taking advantage of these opportunities. Doing so, I feel, is not a good idea; not only is it a waste of tuition dollars, but you lose out on practical experience, something that nearly all companies are looking for.

I enjoy math and science and creating and always had a desire to create new things. The way I’ve taken classes ends up being about 1 course a term that has hands on work. Usually this is a lab-based course, whether computer lab or experiment based labs. Keep in mind learning computer programs is hands-on and what engineers do in the workplace. Co-Op did allow for in the field experience which was great and taught me more about engineering than the hands-on work in class ever could. The mix of both classes and co-op has been the best part of my education.

I showed an aptitude towards math and science, and I love building
things (such as legos). There is always some hands-on work in the
curriculum, but it is more substantial and rewarding in the later years.
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Q: My friends tell me that it's better to find a roommate who is also studying engineering if I go into engineering — do you find this is true?

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Q: How did you choose the school you went to for your degree? I'm having a hard time deciding…help!
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Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you be studying engineering?
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Q: Did you decide which engineering discipline to study during your first year in college? Or later?
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