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Q: Why did you decide to study engineering, and do you find the coursework allows much hands-on work?
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Q: My friends tell me that it's better to find a roommate who is also studying engineering if I go into engineering — do you find this is true?

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Q: How did you choose the school you went to for your degree? I'm having a hard time deciding…help!
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Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you be studying engineering?
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Q: Did you decide which engineering discipline to study during your first year in college? Or later?

I was involved heavily in FIRST Robotics through high school, which gave me an insight into the different disciplines and my own inclination towards each of them. Because of this, I decided to study electrical engineering while I was still in high school. It is not uncommon to remain Engineering Undecided for the first year, and generally does not affect course selections until at least the second year.

I transferred to my university as a sophomore. I had already decided that I wanted to do either Electrical or Computer Engineering. I know various graduate students in both fields and knew that the projects they were working on seemed interesting to me. During that school year, I spoke with many graduate students, started working for a professor, did research on my own, and took various classes that all contributed to helping me make a decision. At the end of my sophomore year, I was sure that I wanted to do Electrical Engineering. For most engineering disciplines, the curriculum for the first two years is the same so deciding immediately isn’t necessary.

I decided my discipline in high school, after discussing my options with faculty as several different universities, while searching for my school.

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