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Q: I hear that it's tough for a woman to make it in engineering… is this so?
Q: Which area of engineering has the best salary potential?
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Q: I'm doing my comp sciences engineering and I'm having a lot of trouble about deciding my career ahead. Can you please tell me what are the different aspects of computer science engineering....I mean apart from software do I have any other direction to lead my career?
Q: What is the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science? How does one decide which one to choose?
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Q: Right now I am in my final year in electronics and communication engineering. I have great interest in R & D sector. I have already published around 20 papers in various conferences. But as far as a career in the R & D sector is concerned, I have not found any opportunities. I have been offered a well paying software job. What should I do? Should I take the software job?
Q: Sir or Ma’am, I'm a first year engineering student willing to make some working models. I want to know how I can make a FM transmission set. Please let me know in a simple style so that I can make it on my own without involving any tedious circuits or so.
Q: I am a student of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan. I have yet to decide amongst the 4 majors offered by my university: Communication and Electronics, Power and Software. I have aptitude in Communication and Power. The major deciding factors for me will be which one of these two fields has more demand and higher salary! Can you please guide me? Which one should I opt?
Thanking you in anticipation,

We doubt that anyone really has the ultimate answer to your
question, because demand and salaries in engineering disciplines are
often cyclical. Fields that were in high demand in one decade tend to
fade in the next, and vice versa. Some fields just go away - made
obsolete by new technology and environmental considerations (think
about vacuum tube circuit design). Other flourish due to influx of
new ideas and new efficiencies (think about the effect of the Internet
on network design). Predicting which field is the next to become
obsolete and which one is about to bloom is notoriously hard.

In most Electrical Engineering 4-year programs offered in Pakistan the
first three years are common to all students, while the last year
requires specialization (e.g., a track in Power or in Electronics and
Communications or in Computer Engineering). The difference between
the various graduates is therefore not that dramatic, and it is
conceivable that a graduate of one track (say, Electronics and
Communications) would still be able to function successfully in areas
that are closest to another track (say, Power). In this light you
should not view your decision on specialization as overly critical -
it is not that hard to switch back later by engaging in continuing
education and reading.

The two fields you are interested in, Communications and Power, are
likely to be in high demand for an extended period of time in
Pakistan. We believe that the continuing rapid development of the
country and its growing infrastructure needs would be good for both
fields. Hence both power engineers and communication engineers are
likely to have rewarding long-term careers in Pakistan in the next few

Historically, employment in Power tended to be somewhat more stable
and the field considered more technically conservative. The
Communication field saw more dynamic technical changes in the last two
decades, but also more fluctuations in supply and demand of engineers
and engineering services. As a result, in the past 10-20 years
communication engineers tended to do a little better than power
engineers in nominal salaries, but a little worse in terms of job
security. Whether these trends will continue is anybody's guess.
Overall, from the viewpoint of long-term employability and salaries,
we think these fields are more or less the same.

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