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Venture Scholars Program

New York, United States
Target Applicant:

The Ventures Scholars Program (VSP) is a national resource that helps increase the number of underrepresented and first-generation college-bound students who pursue math, science and technology education, and, ultimately, careers in related professions. Starting in high school, students who express an interest in math or science, demonstrate academic excellence, and perform well on national standardized examinations are invited to become Ventures Scholars. Ventures Scholars are offered a range of free services to help them better connect to enrichment programs, scholarships, internships and other resources. Over 150 college and university members, including many selective institutions across the country, reach out to Ventures Scholars through mailings, email contacts, and college fairs to further establish communication channels between Ventures Scholars and admissions officers.

Engineering Majors

More than 25 major specialties are recognized in the fields of engineering and engineering technology. Select a degree field from the list below to find out more:


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Find opportunities for pre- university, undergraduate, and graduate students all over the world.




Insights from Experts

Experts tackle some of the most important questions for students who might be interested in pursuing an education or career in engineering.



Life of an Engineer

Find out what it takes to be a successful engineering student and professional engineer. A series of profiles will help you understand the challenges and rewards you might face.


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