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SMART Competition

Phoenix, United States
Target Applicant:

The SMART Competition (www.smartcompetition.org) engages students in a real-world technology education challenge designed to combine academic relevance, education achievement and applications of technology.  The Competition facilitates the development of workforce and life skills including computer analysis and software design, verbal and written communication, research, teamwork and problem solving.  Students will achieve an increased awareness of the smart grid, green building design, the environment, community, livability and sustainability related issues.

The student teams:

  1. Redesign the gymnasium on a virtual high school campus to improve the building’s energy efficiency.
  2. Use professional software provided by Bentley Systems (www.bentley.com) to implement engineering and design changes.
  3. Add at least one renewable form of energy generation to the campus
  4. Provide the resultant surplus power to the community’s smart grid.
  5. Monitor the impact of their design changes.
  6. Propose real changes to the schools they attend to their administrators


The students create energy benchmarks, resolve green building design issues and develop sustainable energy sources for the campus.  Students will achieve an increased awareness of the smart grid, green building design, the environment, community, livability and sustainability related issues.

The competition provides a STEM and CTE educational opportunity that leads to exposure to multiple engineering and professional disciplines.  Students engaged in the SMART Competition will also learn skills essential for in-demand occupations within high-growth industry sectors. 

Registration is open now.  The registration fee is $100.00 per team.  The Competition is designed to attract all students without regard or bias of gender, race, socio-economic or academic performance level.

Learn more at: www.smartcompetition.org

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