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Bitola, United States
Target Applicant:

In order to make robotics and computer science better accessible and closer to the youth, as well as to contribute to their development in the Republic of Macedonia and other countries, we have started building the foundations with the first educational program in the Balkans for children of age 10-16 to prepare them for life after school and careers in science, technology and engineering industries through a summer program. Our aim is to develop awareness of the capabilities of robotics technology and to create future potential leaders in the area of ??robotics and computer science. Through games, friendship, critical thinking, education, teamwork and other activities, the youth are faced with practical application of computer science and robotics, and solving problems in everyday life. After starting the educational summer camp of Roboteka, partnerships have been established with educational institutions throughout the Republic of Macedonia and internationally, providing knowledge enrichment to the youth and serving as a base for preparations for future European and World competitions.
The respective program has been a starter on the robotics theme among the youngsters in the primary and secondary education, strengthening their desire for higher success in their education after completing the educational summer camp. Our ambitious project is aimed at giving options to the Balkan and World youth's future. Lastly, the educational project foster multi-ethnic and multi-national understanding, cooperation and teamwork through exploration of science and technology, much needed in the Balkans and throughout the World.
The participants in the educational summer camp are 10 to 16 years old, students in primary and secondary schools. While during the school year, the participants are at the age of 10 to 18 years old. The participating students come from Macedonia, the neighboring Balkan countries as well as other countries, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

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