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Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering PhD studentships

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Target Applicant:

The Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering (GRPE) is a major program of investment in collaborative research involving the Scottish Funding Council and the four universities in the West of Scotland. Professor Steve Beaumont (Vice Principal for Research and Enterprise) is the Director for the Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering. The Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering aims to build world class research capability under three Joint Research Institutes (JRI) and a Joint Graduate School: Joint Research Institute in Electronic, Communications and Power Systems The Joint Research Institute is structured around three key themes: Electronic Systems Technologies, Communications and Information Systems, and Sustainable Power Systems and Energy Technologies. The JRI in Electronic, Communication and Power Systems provides an excellent basis for the integration of conventionally separate research themes that provide a unique capacity to investigate significant research challenges. Joint Research Institute in Environmental, Infrastructure and Transportation Engineering The Joint Research Institute is structured around four key themes: Environmental Biotechnology, Water Resources, Water Management and Coastal Modelling, Urban Regeneration and Environmental Liabilities, as well as, Sustainable Transportation. Joint Research Institute in Mechanics of Materials, Structures and BioEngineering The Joint Research Institute is structured around three key themes: Performance of Materials and Structures, Design and Processing of Composites and Emerging Materials, as well as, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering. GRPE Joint Graduate School Inter-institutional research will be promoted by a joint graduate school. Postgraduate students and research staff will benefit from access to leading researchers across a full range of disciplines, combined with the opportunity to use equipment and infrastructure in a more efficient and productive manner. This will promote the interdisciplinary and inter-institutional culture that is vital for a vibrant research environment. Research students awarded a GRPE postgraduate studentship will be enrolled in, and subsequently graduate from, the most appropriate partner institution.

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