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Get Involved! - Engineering Activities

Please note that the search database is not comprehensive, and programs do change often. For the most up-to-date information on individual opportunities, please be sure to check the sponsoring organization's website. We will continue to add new listings on a regular basis, so please check back soon if you cannot find what you are looking for, or contact your local university for additional programs.

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NULL, United States | Competition

The American Association of Physics Teachers and Six Flags America's Annual Roller Coaster Design Contest encourages schools to build and enter roller coaster models built by teams of students in either of the two grade categories: Grades 5-8 or...

Sally Ride Science Camps encourage girls’ interests in science by giving them hands-on science learning and activities in an environment that is designed to be supportive, enriching, and – most importantly – fun!

Sally Ride Science has...

NULL, United States | Competition

The MATE competition challenges K-12, community college, and university students from all over the world to design and build ROVs to tackle missions modeled after scenarios from the ocean workplace. The competition

The CATALYST Academy is a one-week summer residential program for rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The mission of the CATALYST Academy is to advance diversity in engineering and its related disciplines. Therefore,...

Through Engineering Innovation, high school students put engineering concepts to the test. Applying their knowledge of math and science to labs and hands-on projects, concepts they’ve learned in their high school classrooms are suddenly linked...

Fame as a pre college engineering program, continues to prepare and motivate minority students in New Castle County to enter and complete a baccalaureate of science program in engineering, math, and science, and has expanded to extend these same...

Napkin Labs, a web-based social collaborative innovation platform, is seeking Generation-Y engineers and students in all fields to join its online community. Napkin Labs is a global community based on a social network that enables talented people...

The mission of the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) is to increase the number of historically underrepresented youth (African Americans, Latino Americans and Native Americans) who are motivated and prepared academically to...

The Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program (GRAPCEP) is a regional pre-college engineering program intended to meet the need for well-trained professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for the growing businesses...

NULL, United Kingdom | Competition

Encourage your students to achieve their full potential with the IET Faraday Engineering Challenge Days! Encouraging creativity, innovation and problem solving skills, the IET Faraday Challenge Days are designed to bring STEM subjects to real...


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