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Get Involved! - Engineering Activities

Please note that the search database is not comprehensive, and programs do change often. For the most up-to-date information on individual opportunities, please be sure to check the sponsoring organization's website. We will continue to add new listings on a regular basis, so please check back soon if you cannot find what you are looking for, or contact your local university for additional programs.

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Austin, Texas, United States | Camp

CEO is a hands-on day camp that exposes high school girls to the exciting field of engineering. Students may choose to attend one or more of the four topic-focused days: 1) Body, Mind & Medicine; 2) Accessories, Games & Music; 3) Energy...

Huntsville, Alabama, United States | Camp

The BEST Experience is a week-long residential program that gives high-school students a taste of what being an engineer student at UAH is all about. Students will go to engineering classes, perform hands-on experiments in engineering labs,...

Akron, Ohio, United States | Camp

Multiplying Your Options (MYO) camp at the University of Akron is a one week summer day camp for girls entering the seventh and eighth grades that introduces the girls to biomedical, civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Each...

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | Camp

The introduction to Engineering summer program has joined forces with Honors Summer Academy! This will allow the student to gain college credit for the experience, interact with more students and faculty, and study additional topics in science,...

Austin, Texas, United States | Camp

Women Engineers at The University of Texas at Austin (WE@UT) is a program for high school senior women who are attending the Honors Colloquium At WE@UT, participants will explore how...

West Lafayette, Indiana, United States | Camp

The cooperation and support of freshman and sophomore high school personnel has been shown to be a critical factor in the successful selection of participants for this program. The workshop content is similar to that of the 6th, 7th and 8th Grade...

Austin, Texas, United States | Camp

Interested in working in teams and changing the world? Discover how engineering is a profitable and flexible career with unlimited possibilities such as working in medicine, law, research, and a wide variety of other industries. Attend Your...

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | Camp

The University of New Mexico - School of Engineering is offering a special 4 week summer program for students interested in exploring careers in the STEM and transportation fields. UNITE students participate in the three week Summer...

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | Camp

You've heard about engineering, but what is it really? What do engineers do? Engineering is everywhere. Is it for you? Explore engineering with other young women your age at the 8th annual Preparing Outstanding Women for Engineering Roles (POWER...

Cremona, Italy | Camp

The Poli Summer Week is a way to quickly grasp a solid picture of the professional and cultural aspects of Engineering, with particular emphasis on the ICT domain. You will stay with us for a week, attend a specifically designed path of lectures...


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